Follow the Dreffin family as they journey from the Bahamas and into the South Pacific.


Discover what it takes to go on a wild walkabout into the South Seas on a small boat with two male teenagers.  Could you do it too? Would you do it?




Are you ready to go on a wild, family adventure?

After you viewed my adventure book trailer, how did you feel?

Next thing you know, you’ll be embarking upon your own adventure family sailing journey.  Of course, it doesn’t have to necessarily be as wild as your imagination.  Begin with a weekend sail or a camping trip, perhaps let’s say, to a very interesting region where few people go.  The more remote, the better.  The more unusual, the better.  The fewer the people, the better.

In my humble opinion, if you journey to a popular region, then you’ll find the Internet, luxury, and comfort.  Could you say, you had left anything behind that’s different?  Did you actually leave your comfort zone?

On the other hand, if you TRULY want to journey, travel to where you do not know the language.  Learn 12 phrases before you go.  Stay long enough–say, two weeks–to really get a feel of the place.  Afterward, you’ll discover that you really did embark upon an adventure.  Then you, too, can share your wild adventure book trailer!

All things considered, if you aren’t ready for a wild journey, take an easy trip.  Leave your comfort zone behind just a tad.  First and foremost,  just go.  No doubt about it, you’ll never look back.

Adventure sailing and cruising are life transforming.

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