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Tina Dreffin is a best-selling adventure travel writer.  Her stories are centered around family adventuring with kids. The travel stories are inspirational and funny. Tina has gathered adventure travel stories over four decades of travel. Her journeys take her around the world. Her best-selling stories are about their family journeys together into Africa and across the Atlantic Ocean. 

Tina feels it is important in today’s world for kids to seek adventure travel.  For kids to understand the real meaning of adventure travel, they need to leave their devices home.  A surprising result occurs.  Kids bond with their parents as teenagers.

Tina Dreffin is an adventure travel writer, world sailing circumnavigator, and advocate for women’s issues. She goes deep when she writes. Tina Dreffin works as an adventure travel writer while living aboard a yacht in the Bahamas. View her adventure book trailer to see what her latest book is about here.

The island tranquility in the Bahamas where she resides allows a freedom of expression to write.  Therefore, her stories about adventure travel with kids are entertaining. Her adventure writing essays will take you out of your comfort zone. Tina wants her readers to explore the world. Her two memoirs will keep you laughing and crying as you venture into the unknown.  You’ll never look back.


Her latest book Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa, is available on Amazon.  Shop here: Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa

Tina Dreffin’s work has appeared in Cruising World, SAIL, International Living, Multihulls Magazine, Caribbean Compass, and in the anthology, Best Stories of the Caribbean Compass.

Tina’s travels aren’t limited to the sea. They have traveled the world as a family by train, donkey, horseback, camel, bicycle, and plane. Tina Dreffin hosts presentations of her travel photography and tells adventure stories.  She seeks to encourage families to travel with their children.

View her adventure book trailer to see the African setting.

Let Adventure Travel Writer, Tina Dreffin, Take You on a Journey

Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa is an uplifting and humorous memoir about Tina’s travels in and around Africa with their 4 teenagers.  Things go horribly wrong much of the time. She laughs and cries at the same time.

Her wild adventures take her on safari, into the desert, and across the pond. Long modes of travel offer time to reflect.  And yet, the dark power of the hidden secrets of her past invades her health. Also, when Tina journeys into developing nations, she witnesses true suffering. As a result, she finds the inner growth in the need to survive.

In time, her emotional pain pales in comparison.  She considers her reality. The awakening pulls her very nearly out of the darkness and back into the light as a result.  But the end nearly breaks her.

Most noteworthy, things go horribly wrong. Most of all, danger strikes when the kids disappear.  Also, great white sharks threaten their safety, valuables are lost, and somebody endures a knife attack.  A thumb is sacrificed. In addition, it seems like Tina can never quite catch her breath. Rather than quit, she pushes forward. In the end, she knows she can win. Furthermore, while she pursues her dream, the kids, consequently, keep wreaking havoc.  The adventure into the unknown becomes unbelievable, it seems. But she has photos to prove the impossible. Either way, the adventure is hilarious as much as it is a truly remarkable journey.


In conclusion, Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa encourages victims of their past to heal.

Rather than wither away in the mundane, seek adventure travel. As a result, you can’t help but put down your devices and explore. Go on a wild adventure with Tina Dreffin.

Just go!

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