In this family sailing book: Why do bad things always happen at night?

How would your life change if it included a wild sailing adventure on the high seas?

Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa is a riveting family sailing book and winner of the SILVER MEDAL award for NONFICTION, INDEPENDENT BOOK PUBLISHERS BOOK AWARDS.  Dreffin packs the memoir with true adventure. It all began when she journeyed to Africa with her husband and our two sons, both teenagers. Things went horribly wrong much of the time.  Events turned even wilder when the kids brought along their friends as crew for the Atlantic Ocean crossing in a small sailboat. Inspiring stories are shared in this family travel book.

Check out the sailing book trailer that gives you a clue to what wild escapades transpired.

Also, reflection appears at the most inopportune time. Dreffin pondered traumatic issues of her past during a long flight to Africa. Additionally, she pondered issues of death when massive animals threatened their safety when on safari. Dreffin fretted about grief when immersed in a storm at sea.

Rogue waves, storms, a near collision at sea, and great white sharks were constant threats. Dreffin began to deal with a strange health problem. The perils of life at sea suddenly became very real.

By the end of the wild adventure, Dreffin had fought her demons and won.  At Christmastime, Dreffin was blindsided by shocking news.  

Paradoxically, I say, “Here I go again!”  By and large, I launched into another great adventure.


KIRKUS REVIEW: “Excellent family sailing book.”

Dreffin’s writing is the strongest when unpacking difficult events, such as recounting the death of her daughter in utero or summoning the strength to face the rogue wave (“The demon had knocked me off my feet, leaving me in a tangle of spiraling limbs…I felt fear as never before. It segued into terror as I fought against the pull of the wave”). She crafts a touching tale of travelers at their peak.

Tina’s writing is lucid and descriptive. Interwoven into her memoir is a much deeper story about the way women struggle to be mothers, partners, and individuals in a world that is still very much dominated by men. Tina doesn’t shy away from the interpersonal content. Her book you will remember long after you have finished reading it.” Melanie Neale.

View the memoir book video to hear short excerpts of our African journey.

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