7 Reasons Why Adventure Living is Good for your Family

Family adventure living is one of the hottest topics being talked about on the web.

There’s something magical about embarking on a family adventure into the unknown.  You really get out to experience the world with your kids.  I call it “getting our mojo back”.  For you, it could be a weekend trek into the mountains or a family bike road on rural back roads.  For us, embarking on a family adventure meant going cruising on a sailboat.

On an adventure, events can turn outlandishly funny.  The pouting child can’t help but begin to see beauty in the world.  Soon enough, their renewed spirit invigorates not only their soul but the family unit too.

Check out my 7 reasons why adventure travel is good for the family.

1.  Spending time outdoors increases endorphins.  

family adventure livingFeel-good hormones in family adventure living, also known as endorphins, give our mood a natural boost.  These naturally occurring hormones make you feel better by helping to quell such things as pain, sadness, and lethargy.

Accordingly, if your child is acting moody and withdrawn, leave the devices at home and get outdoors.  No doubt, the fresh air and change of scenery will release a flood of endorphins, turning your child into a happy self.

He’ll be laughing and smiling, feeling your attention, and relishing every minute of it.  For that reason, he might even pick you flowers.

 2.  A sense of responsibility is created.

family adventure living

At a very young age, children can learn how to feel important and part of the team by working on family projects.

Consequently, don’t be afraid to stretch here, afraid to allow them around chemicals.  Just keep an eye on them and educate your children on the dangers of chemicals.  We always suited up our kids with gloves and plastic working glasses or goggles to protect their eyes when painting the boat.

During our annual haul-out, the boys worked together on boat projects, side-by-side their Dad.  At the end of a project, water hose fights broke out with much hilarity.

 3. Getting a pet promotes inner love.

family adventure living

Next, pets are great for kids in family adventure living.  As parents, sometimes we need to be firm in order to teach a particular principle to our child.  This may leave behind sad feelings for him. Having a dog around, enables them to get a free hug and kiss other than from just the parents.

Dogs listen.  Dogs follow.  Dogs make kids feel loved.  We went through three dogs and two cats, each one special and endearing to our hearts.

Equally important, involving the child in taking responsibility in caring for the pet promotes smiles all around, even if initial complaint rings out when starting out, in my opinion.

4.  Helping your kids make friends creates an adventure community.

family adventure living

We always invited other kids to join us on outings into the rainforest or on picnics, as a matter of fact.

Consequently, every weekend when immersed in family adventure living, we held barbecues on the beach, inviting parents to bring a dish to share.  This could be in your backyard if you’re not on a boat.  The weekly event enabled not only us to make new friends, but our kids as well.  Seeing them organize a game of tag or hide n’ seek was a delight to watch.

As a child, I spent many evenings playing kick-the-can in the street.  Today, neighborhoods are like urban deserts – kids behind their devices and out of sight.

5.  Getting around wild animals is remarkable to a child in family adventure living.

family adventure living

Also, nothing more adventurous can wow your kids than introducing them to wild animals.  In our family adventure living, our first encounter occurred one summer day with a wild dolphin.  We named her Nikki and she still comes around today, thirty-five years later.  She’s had three babies since then, each one more playful than their mother.

If we were on land, we took them on early morning hikes to view elk or deer.  A feeling of awe overcame them.  Today, they respect animal rights and contribute to their cause and protection, worldwide.  We took them on a safari to learn about the big animals of Africa.

Furthermore, for Christmas one year, we celebrated by gifting a cow to a village in a Developing Nation.  Animal love, domesticated or wild, is good for the child’s soul.

 6.  Reading books together start the child in early learning skills.

family adventure living

In addition, we reared our kids during the beginnings of video games.  Every kid had a set but ours, it seemed.  Instead, we promoted board games, inviting other kids over to join in on a long afternoon of popcorn and games.  Not only did this save electricity, but it brought kids together, instead of creating a solitary experience.  Call me old-fashioned, but there you have it.  As far as I can see, there’s enough violence in our world.  Why encourage it on an intimate level in video games your child?

At night, we read as a family, often making up our stories.  Our kids read all day on passages, and to each other.  Today, they are still best friends and united brothers, as well.

7. Creating a family sport promotes brotherhood in family adventure living.

family adventure living

Our sons first starting hunting when very young.  Fishing behind the boat with just a hand line as young as three years old was rewarding for them.  Little fish were caught; no fingers pricked.

Later as a family, we snorkeled the reef, early morning, when the critters were out and exposed. Initially, they were donned in life jackets, eyeing the fish as they finned by.  But soon enough, the boys were swimming freely with a mask and snorkel, managing a Hawaiian sling more deftly than a pair of bicycle handlebars.

Pictured is their 1st lobster catch in our family adventure living. Today, the two brothers still hunt together, watching each other’s back for any lurking predators.  In Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa, I share the adventures our sons experienced together in Africa.


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