Bluewater Walkabout: Into Africa, Finding Healing Through Travel

How would your life change if you embarked upon a wild, family adventure?

When I embarked upon a travel journey into Africa with my family, I expected things to go smoothly.  And yet events went horribly wrong, much of the time.  I was flabbergasted with the wild adventure that occurred during our journey. I laughed and cried, all at the same time.


An adventurous safari became perilous when wild animals threatened us. On down the road, a thumb was sacrificed, the kids disappeared on the water for a day, a bag of gold was lost, and more. Even great white sharks contributed to the chaos. The drama was funny and hilarious, unbelievable really, even to me.

Events escalated when our sons brought along two friends. They upset the family balance as we took an adventurous journey around Africa and across the Atlantic Ocean.  Mutiny seemed imminent.

Long periods of quiet reflection forced hidden secrets of mine to the surface: sexual assault, rape, guilt, and mental illness. I began to heal and found recovery from my memories after I witnessed women suffering from far worse dramas around me – like poverty and war.  And yet, they were still laughing and smiling.  They appreciated the simple things.

The experience left an indelible mark on my soul.

During our journey, rogue waves and storms rolled in while crossing the Atlantic Ocean.  I began to deal with a mysterious health problem, and suddenly the perils of life at sea became very real.

Half running towards a dream, I met my husband and we decided to live a life at sea. Unlike many people who moved aboard and sailed the world for a year or two, we never went back ashore.  I never looked back, either.

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