An adventure slideshow to launch you out of your comfort zone.

View this adventure slideshow. It will send you running into the African bush on the hunt for lions and leopards and charging elephants!

First of all, in this adventure slideshow below, you will wonder if your family could go on an adventure.  But would they love it?  If you did, just pretend here, how would your life change afterward?  Much as you might hate to admit it now, do you think probably that everyone would finally have jumped on the bandwagon?

So, check out the adventure slideshow below to imagine yourself on an African safari. While you’re watching it, catch your body language.  Much as you hate it, you’re excited?  Just a wee bit, maybe?  As a result, do you think you could do it?  Maybe, go on a wild, family adventure? Check out the book trailer.

Our adventure slideshow reveals just a few of the wild things that happened to us.  We ran into Africa without knowing what we were getting into.  No doubt, we were pretty stupid to think that all would go well.  And yet, of course, not everything went well. Things went horribly wrong a lot of the time.

So, all things considered, would you become better off after a family adventure?  Did the adventure slideshow speak to you?  Finally, do we look miserable?

Also, let’s assume you were smart enough to have the kids’ devices left at home.  Naturally, they’ll fume and pitch a fit.  But hey, you’re planning a bonding trip.  You want the kids to see you, not some odd friend they’ve never met on a phone screen from social media.

So let’s say you went on a wild, family adventure.

Seem like a good idea? For this reason, I encourage you to consider an adventure trip.  Sans devices!  Maps are sold around the world, so you don’t need a GPS either.  Can you believe that many people can’t read a map?  It’s like the person who depends on a calculator all the time.  Just do the numbers in your head! Use those brain neurons! Make them synapse! Either you’re with me here…or not. What is especially relevant to me, kids are not using their brains anymore. As a result, they can’t imagine adventure.

First and foremost, I promise you, you will survive. Because, if you view this adventure slideshow again, you’ll feel the pull. You’ll feel the urgency.  Hence, one day, your kids will be gone.  And your wife. Live your adventure today!

Upon reflection, I assure you, you will be closer to your kids afterward. You will have bonded.  Your wife will be happier.  The kids will be happier.  You will be happier.

Why? Do doubt that question is lingering in your head. Of course, you wonder how it would all turn out.

Because your family just got to see the real you, the real them, the realness of the world around them.

Most of all, just go! Either you go or I’m coming over there, across the screen to convince you.  Because in conclusion, it really is that great of a family adventure. To see more, check out the book trailer.

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